Simple Subtraction Worksheets

These very simple subtractions involve a collection of objects. The child has to cross out some of the objects and write down how many are left.

Simple Subtraction

The worksheets are graded in difficulty so that in the first worksheet the child has to cross out 1 object, in the second they have to cross out 2 objects and so on.

In the second batch of subtraction worksheets, 2 groups of objects are displayed and the child has to take the second away from the first. In the example below, the child has to take away 1 bucket from 2 buckets, leaving 1 bucket. As you can see, there are numbers above each group of objects, to help associate the pictures with a numerical value.

Simple Subtraction

In some worksheets, there is no pictorial representation of a number, so the child might have to subtract the number 2 from 3 buckets.

More variations on the theme of subtraction:

All the above worksheets were created in Word 2010. For all those readers who use older versions of Word, the following can be opened in Word 97 – 2003: