Shopping Worksheets

These shopping worksheets were so popular that we made some more! The ones that you can download on this page are a little harder than the first ones, though. All the exercises provided use the pounds sterling (GBP) currency. If your native currency is something else, you could quite easily use these worksheets in a diversity project.

How Many Can You Buy?

Shopping requires very specific maths skills that children will use over and over again, so it’s important that they get the chance to practise them properly. When they shop, they need to accumulate the sum of multiple items that usually have different prices. That’s hard enough, but then they need to subtract that number from whatever money they give to the cashier to calculate their change. So, common tasks involved in shopping are:

  • adding different numbers together to keep a running total.
  • performing comparisons of the running total with their budget to determine whether they have enough money to buy everything they want.
  • subtracting the final total from the money they hand over to the cashier to calculate their change.

It sound complicated when we say it like that, doesn’t it!