Removing The Border From The Worksheets

Some of the free worksheets you can download on this site don’t have a border on them, but many do. Borders can make your worksheets more interesting and engaging for your kids. But some people don’t like them.

We struggled with the dilemma: do we put borders on the worksheets or do we leave them off. Providing two versions of each worksheet, one with and one without borders is too much work. Instead, we decided to publish the majority of the worksheets with borders, but also explain how you can take them off if you don’t want them.

We’re working in Microsoft Word 2010 here, but you should be able to do something similar to the following to remove the worksheet borders, whatever version of Word you have. Click on the Page Layout tab in the ribbon and then click the Page Borders button in the Page Background group. The Borders and Shading window should open with the Page Border tab selected. This is precisely what we want.

In the top left of the window you should see the None option: click this and then click OK. When the window closes, you’ll notice that the borders have magically disappeared.

You can also use the Borders and Shading window to add borders or change the design of the existing ones.