Multiplication Tables For Laminating

This multiplication table can be downloaded free. The following image shows a preview of what the multiplications look like:

Laminate These Multiplications Tables

Open the document in Microsoft Word and print it off. You might then want to laminate it and cut out each row and column. The variations for using each individual piece are endless. Here are some suggestions:

  • Two children could play snap using the cut out pieces. One child has the multiplication and the other has the answer. This might take longer than your average snap game!
  • Enlarge the font in the document for group or whole class work. The teacher keeps the multiplications whilst the answers are distributed amongst the children. The teacher then holds the multiplication up for the class to see and the child with the right answer holds it up. Bestow said child with praise and keys to the city!
  • As above, but each child has a mini whiteboard with all the answers on. The child has to mark which one is right in each instance.
  • Hang the cutouts on a washing line and ask the children to arrange them all in the right order. For example, 3×7 goes before 9X7. This is good for getting the children to work as a team, too.

You can also create some new variations of the above using the following multiplications tables:

Remember, variety will stimulate your childrens’ minds and keep them engaged.