Match The Amount To The Numbers

Here is a fun numbers exercise for your kids to do. There are collections of objects and also matching numbers. The trouble is the matching numbers are all in the wrong place! What the child must do is find what number matches what group and draw a line between the two. Here is an example:

Match The Amount To The Number

As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether the number points to the shapes or vice versa, and the children don’t even need to use arrows at all. As long as there is a line connecting a group of shapes to a number, that’s fine.

This exercise will really improve their counting skills.

There are 3 worksheets listed above, but it is so easy for you to create additional ones yourself. All the shapes in the exercises are examples of Clip Art. To insert your own shapes in Microsoft Word, click Insert > Clip Art, and then search for the shape you want.