Free Learning Materials

Being a teacher is tough! You don’t need any more pressure in your already busy job, so the last thing you need is to have to create your own learning materials. Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, as there is an ever growing collection of free to download learning materials on this site.

If you have any special requests, why not get in touch and give us your suggestions. You may just find a selection of downloads that meet your requirements popping up shortly after.

We’ve created categories of literacy and numeracy, but if we’re feeling adventurous, those may expand.

Not Just For Teachers

Of course, if you are a parent interested enough in your child’s development to teach them a little yourself, please feel free to download the worksheets and play with them at home. That’s right, we said “play“. Learning can, and should, be fun. If you spend just a little time at home each week helping your child work through these exercises, you will help them no end.

More Resources

Soon after we posted our Halloween PowerPoint template, we discovered more on PowerPoint Backgrounds, all free to download. They have a very large selection of stunning backgrounds in 3D and 2D flavours and they urge you to download them all – how generous! All you PowerPoint loving (or loathing – it’s a fine line!) teachers out there will probably appreciate anything that saves you time and effort in creating presentations for your kids. If we find any more freebies like this, we’ll let you know.