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Halloween PowerPoint Template

Halloween PowerPoint Template

With Halloween rapidly approaching, what better time to publish our spooky Halloween PowerPoint Template than right now? Click on the link to open the template up in PowerPoint, download it to your computer and then scare your kids with it! Wooo ooooh!

We’ve used some snazzy Halloween style fonts in the template so we embedded them in PowerPoint. This means you won’t have to go hunting around for the font we used; it’ll be right there in PowerPoint when you open up the template. The embedding of the font is the reason the presentation is so big – a staggering 2.2MB! Anyway, file sizes don’t matter when you’re running the presentation in front of a classroom of kids. It’s only when emailing it, or saving it to a memory stick that you might appreciate a smaller file size.

Evacuation Suitcase

If you could take only a small selection of your every day things, what would you pack in your suitcase in the event of an evacuation? That’s what this evacuation suitcase PowerPoint is all about. There are seven items that you (or rather, your kids) could pack, but there is room for only five. Click on a particular item to pack it, and it will jump into the suitcase.

Evacuation Suitcase

You might have to pack an evacuation suitcase if you were caught up in the middle of a war, or there was a terrible deadly virus spreading through your town. Cheery stuff. You don’t need to explore the grisly reasons for having to pack your belongings – but you could if you wanted to include that in your lesson. It might trigger an interesting discussion.

Bones Of The Body PowerPoint Presentation

This Bones Of The Body PowerPoint Presentation makes it fun to teach your kids the major bones of the human skeleton. There is a snazzy title pages introducing the subject and each subsequent slide shows a new bone. The bone is clearly labelled on Igor the skeleton, and when you click your mouse, or press Enter on the keyboard, the name of the bone fades in.

Click on Igor to open it up in PowerPoint!

Bones Of The Body

So: click to move to the next slide, then click to display the name of he bone. Rinse and repeat until you reach the end. The presentation includes 21 bones, so that will keep your kids quiet for a while. The best thing to do is just download the PowerPoint presentation and open it up. Press F5 on your keyboard to start the presentation and then either click or press Enter to get going.

This presentation is easily modified for your class, so you can change the font size and colour of the names of the bones etc.

PowerPoint is a magnificent tool in the classroom, so stay tuned for more educational PowerPoints.