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Facial Expressions Test

Here are a few facial expressions worksheets to help your kids learn what names to give to facial expressions. These worksheets can be thought of as easy and fun facial expressions games, and they work like this: there is a variety of facial expression pictures displayed in a table and a jumbled up list of names for those facial expressions below the table. Your students have to work through each facial expression picture, find the corresponding name for that expression below and write it in the table against the picture.

The table of pictures and the names of the expressions appear on this page, but there is also a downloadable worksheet for you to copy and hand out in class.

If you want to develop this exercise further, you might want to think about synonyms. For example, get your students to find synonyms for the happy expression picture (joyful?). You like antonyms? Write in the word that means the opposite of the facial expression picture. There are quite a few choices here.

Facial Expression Picture Name Of The Facial Expression
Guess What I Am
Guess What I Am
Guess What I Am
GUess What I Am
Guess What I Am
Guess What I Am
Guess WhatI Am

Names Of Facial Expressions

  • confused
  • frown
  • sleepy
  • happy
  • scared
  • sneaky
  • angry