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Decimal Addition Worksheets – With Carrying

We’ve got decimal addition worksheets with varying degrees of difficulty here – all freely downloadable, of course. Unlike these decimal addition worksheets, the worksheets you find here do involve a little bit of carrying. The trick with adding numbers with decimal places is to make sure the decimal point in the answer is in the correct position. To do this, the best thing to do is follow the decimal point down through the two summing numbers and place it in the answer box first. Then do the sum.

Adding numbers that have decimal places follows the same process as adding numbers without: you start by adding the numbers in the rightmost column and then move to the next column to the left.

Decimal Addition Worksheets – No Carrying

Adding decimal numbers is very much like adding numbers without decimal points. You add each column of numbers, starting with the rightmost column. If you have to “carry 1″, that goes into the next column on the left.

The trick with adding numbers with decimal points is to make sure that the decimal point is in the correct place in your answer. A good tip is to follow the point down and put it in the answer box first, even before starting the sum.

These decimal additions don’t require you to do any carrying and are relatively easy.